Great Starts for Great Smiles

Your infant’s smile is probably one of your favorite things in the entire world, and you want to make sure it stays healthy and bright as the years go by. Thankfully, the team at Brazos Kids Dental is more than ready to do our part! We’re happy to see babies as young as six months old and use these visits to make sure their teeth get a great start that will ensure a smooth road ahead.

Why Choose Brazos Kids Dental for Dentistry for Infants?

  • Led by Multiple Pediatric Dentists
  • Laser Frenectomies Performed In-House
  • Friendly, Fun, & Skilled Team

Why Should I Bring My Baby to the Dentist’s Office?

Our pediatric dentists perform oral health exams on infants to make sure their oral development is off to a good start. Any issues that develop at an early age will have ramifications for years to come, so getting ahead of them can have a tremendously positive impact on a child’s life. Plus, if you’re a new parent, our pediatric dentists can be a great resource if you have questions about how to best take care of your child’s rapidly growing smile.

When Should My Baby First Go to the Dentist’s Office?

“First visit by first birthday,” is the phrase that should stick in your mind. This means that, ideally, your child should be seen by a dentist before they turn one. The first tooth tends to appear around six months old, and even though their mouths are tiny, a pediatric dentist will be able to tell a lot about a child’s health and development just from a simple exam.

What Happens During Baby’s First Dental Checkup

During an oral wellness exam, your pediatric dentist will look at every aspect of your child’s mouth and dentition to make sure everything is developing as it should. A single finger gently pressed against the gums allows the dentist to feel a child’s teeth before they come in, and they’ll also look at the color of their gums, tongue, and other tissues. They’ll keep an eye out for signs of lip or tongue tie, which can interfere with bottle and breastfeeding and may result in slow weight gain.

They can also discuss daily care tips as well as answer any questions you might have. Everyone knows that babies don’t come with a manual, but our pediatric dentists have literally spent years training on how to help little smiles, so they are a great resource!