Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment – Waco, TX

No More Barriers to Breastfeeding 

Struggling to bottle or breastfeed a child can be so demoralizing for a parent, and of course, they usually blame themselves. However, the culprit is often a lip or tongue tie that physically prevents the child from latching or creating a steady flow of milk or formula. We can check to see if your child has either of these conditions with a quick exam, and if needed, we can fix the problem with a short laser treatment that will turn feedings into a positive experience again.

Why Choose Brazos Kids Dental for Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment?

  • Multiple Pediatric Dentists on Staff
  • Fast & Safe Laser Frenectomies
  • Extremely Affordable Treatment

What are Lip Ties & Tongue Ties?

Your upper lip and tongue both have a small band of tissue that connects them to the gums and floor of the mouth respectively. Called the frenulum (or frenum), it can sometimes be so short or thick that it prevents these parts of the mouth from having their full range of motion. For infants, this can make feeding extremely difficult and even painful, causing them to miss out on essential nutrition. These issues can also affect children past the infant years, leading to speaking, chewing, and dental problems.

The Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment Process

If you suspect that your child has a lip or tongue tie, go ahead and schedule a visit to Brazos Kids Dental—no need to wait until their next checkup! We’ll examine them for a tie, and if we find one, we can loosen or remove the offending tissue with a quick laser procedure. This can be done at the same appointment time permitting or scheduled soon thereafter. The laser is so gentle that most children can feed immediately afterward without issue, and the recovery is typically fast and easy as well.