Tooth Extractions – Waco, TX

Making Problem Teeth Disappear

A tooth extraction will only be recommended after we have exhausted all other options for repairing your child’s tooth. It’s always best for baby teeth to fall out on their own, and we want your child to keep their adult teeth for a lifetime, so we don’t remove any dentition without first trying everything else. Should your child require an extraction, we’ll use a gentle touch and even sedation if needed to make the process smooth and easy.


Why Choose Brazos Kids Dental for Tooth Extractions?

  • Multiple Pediatric Dentists on Staff
  • Several Sedation Dentistry Options Available
  • PPO Dental Insurance Accepted & Maximized

When are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

We will only recommend a tooth extraction if:

  • A tooth is so damaged that it can’t be restored with a crown or filling
  • Gum disease has made the tooth very loose and unstable
  • A tooth is coming in crooked and has become trapped within the gums/jawbone
  • More room is needed in the mouth so the teeth can shift in response to orthodontics